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class mindquantum.algorithm.qaia.SimCIM(J, h=None, x=None, n_iter=1000, batch_size=1, dt=0.01, momentum=0.9, sigma=0.03, pt=6.5)[source]

Simulated Coherent Ising Machine.

Reference: Annealing by simulating the coherent Ising machine.

  • J (Union[numpy.array, csr_matrix]) – The coupling matrix with shape \((N x N)\).

  • h (numpy.array) – The external field with shape \((N, )\).

  • x (numpy.array) – The initialized spin value with shape \((N x batch_size)\). Default: None.

  • n_iter (int) – The number of iterations. Default: 1000.

  • batch_size (int) – The number of sampling. Default: 1.

  • dt (float) – The step size. Default: 1.

  • momentum (float) – momentum factor. Default: 0.9.

  • sigma (float) – The standard deviation of noise. Default: 0.03.

  • pt (float) – Pump parameter. Default: 6.5.


Initialize spin.


Dynamical evolution.