MindSpore Quantum Installation

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Confirming System Environment Information

Installation Methods

You can install MindInsight either by pip or by source code.

Install by pip

pip install mindquantum
  • Refers to MindSpore to find different version of packages。

Install by Source Code

1.Download Source Code from Gitee

cd ~
git clone https://gitee.com/mindspore/mindquantum.git

2.Compiling MindSpore Quantum

cd ~/mindquantum
python setup.py install --user

Verifying Successful Installation

Successfully installed, if there is no error message such as No module named ‘mindquantum’ when execute the following command:

python -c 'import mindquantum'

Install with Docker

Mac or Windows users can install MindSpore Quantum through Docker. Please refer to Docker installation guide.