Release Notes

MindQuantum 0.9.11 Release Notes

Major Feature and Improvements


  • [STABLE] Arbitrary axis rotation: New single-qubit gates for arbitrary axis rotation on the Bloch sphereRn

  • [STABLE] matrix: The quantum gate supports retrieving its complete matrix representation by using the interface and specifying the parameter full=True. This matrix representation is influenced by the target qubit and the control qubit, if applicable.

  • [STABLE] Terminal relaxation channel: Add ThermalRelaxationChannel.

  • [Alpha] Quantum measurement: The measurement gate now supports qubit reset functionality, allowing the measured quantum state to be reset to the |0⟩ state or the |1⟩ state. The execution speed of the measurement gate has been optimized for improved performance.

  • [STABLE] RotPauliString: Add arbitrary pauli string rotation gate.

  • [STABLE] GroupedPauli: Add Pauli combination gate. This gate allows for faster execution compared to individually applying single Pauli gates.

  • [STABLE] GroupedPauliChannel: Add Pauli combination channel. This channel allows for faster execution compared to applying Pauli channels individually.

  • [STABLE] SX: Add sqrt X gate.

  • [STABLE] Givens: Add Givens rotation gate.


  • [STABLE] summary: The summary information of the quantum circuit displayed through this interface will be presented in a table format, making it more visually appealing and straightforward.

  • [STABLE] svg: Scaling the svg of quantum circuit by setting scale of this API.

  • [STABLE] openqasm: Directly convert quantum circuit to openqasm or convert openqasm to a mindquantum circuit.


  • [STABLE] PRGenerator: new is able to set temporary prefix of suffix.




  • [STABLE] sampling: Improve the sampling speed for quantum circuit without noise and all measurement only at end.



  • [Alpha] MQSABRE: A new qubit mapping algorithm that enable to set fidelity of quantum gate.

Bug Fix

  • PR1971: Fix sign bug in amplitude_encoder.

  • PR2094: Fix the issue of randomness in the get_expectation_with_grad method when using the parameter shift rule.

  • PR2164: Fixed an issue with passing parameters in the build script on Windows systems.

  • PR2171: Fixed a potential null pointer issue with the density matrix simulator when copying quantum states.

  • PR2175: Fixed an issue with negative probabilities for Pauli channels.

  • PR2176: Fixed an issue with the parameter shift rule when dealing with controlled quantum gates.

  • PR2210: Fixed an issue with the parameter shift rule when dealing with multi-parameter gates with some of them are constant.


Thanks to the following developers for their contributions:

yufan, wengwenkang, xuxusheng, Damien Ngyuen, zhouxu, wangzidong, yangkang, lujiale, zhangzhenghai, fanyi, zhangwengang, wangkaisheng, zhoufeng, wangsiyuan, gongxiaoqing, chengxianbin, sunxiyin, wenwenkang, lvdingshun, cuijiangyu, chendiqing, zhangkai, Zotov Yuriy, liqin, zengjinglin, cuixiaopeng, 朱祎康, dorothy20212021, dsdsdshe, buyulin, norl-corxilea, herunhong, Arapat Ablimit, NoE, panshijie, longhanlin.

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