Release Notes

MindQuantum 0.8.0 Release Notes

Major Feature and Improvements


  • [STABLE] FSim: Fermionic simulation gate supported, and this gate also works in variational quantum algorithm.

  • [STABLE] U3: The single qubit arbitrary gate U3 now will work as a single gate but not a piece of quantum circuit. U3 gate also works in variational quantum algorithm.

  • [STABLE] Customed parameterized gate. Customed parameterized gate now will compiled to machine code by jit compiler numba, and the simulator backend can call customed parameterized gate in parallel thread.

  • [STABLE] BarrierGate: BarrierGate now can be acted on certain qubits.

  • [STABLE] KrausChannel: Design a customed kraus channel for quantum simulator.


  • [STABLE] svg: Now you can set the width to split the svg circuit, so that you can copy it into your paper.


  • [STABLE] New simulator supported. mqvector and mqvector_gpu are two mindquantum simulate that prepared for cpu and gpu. And projectq simulator will be deprecated. The new simulator is total compatible with old one, what you only to do is to change the backend name when you initialize the simulator.