class mindspore.ops.TupleToArray[source]

Converts a tuple to a tensor.

If the type of the first number in the tuple is integer, the data type of the output tensor is int. Otherwise, the data type of the output tensor is float.

  • input_x (tuple) - A tuple of numbers. These numbers have the same type. Only constant value is allowed. The shape is \((N,*)\) where \(*\) means,any number of additional dimensions.


Tensor, if the input tuple contains N numbers, then the shape of the output tensor is (N,).

  • TypeError – If input_x is not a tuple.

  • ValueError – If length of input_x is less than or equal to 0.

Supported Platforms:

Ascend GPU CPU


>>> input_x = (1,2,3)
>>> print(type(input_x))
<class 'tuple'>
>>> output = ops.TupleToArray()(input_x)
>>> print(type(output))
<class 'mindspore.common.tensor.Tensor'>
>>> print(output)
[1 2 3]