class mindspore.ops.Partial[source]

Makes a partial function instance. Partial function can be used to derived specialized functions from general functions by fixing the value of certain number of arguments.

  • args (Union[FunctionType, Tensor]) - The function and bind arguments.


FunctionType, partial function bound with arguments.

Supported Platforms:

Ascend GPU CPU


>>> from mindspore import Tensor
>>> from mindspore.ops import operations as P
>>> def show_input(x, y, z):
...     return x, y, z
>>> partial = P.Partial()
>>> partial_show_input = partial(show_input, Tensor(1))
>>> output1 = partial_show_input(Tensor(2), Tensor(3))
>>> print(output1)
(Tensor(shape=[], dtype=Int64, value= 1), Tensor(shape=[], dtype=Int64, value= 2), Tensor(shape=[], dtype=Int64,
 value= 3))
>>> output2 = partial_show_input(Tensor(3), Tensor(4))
>>> print(output2)
(Tensor(shape=[], dtype=Int64, value= 1), Tensor(shape=[], dtype=Int64, value= 3), Tensor(shape=[], dtype=Int64,
 value= 4))