Release Notes

MindSPONGE 1.0.0rc2 Release Notes


  • [STABLE] RASP & FAAST is a protein structure analysis tool developed by Gao Yiqin’s team at Changping Laboratory. The RASP (Restraints Assisted Structure Predictor) model accepts abstract or experimental constraints, enabling it to generate structures based on abstract or experimental, sparse or dense constraints, and can be used for a variety of applications, including improved structure prediction for multi-domain proteins and proteins with fewer msa. The iterative Folding Assisted peak ASsignmenT (FAAST) method realizes the automatic analysis of NMR data by combining RASP and traditional NMR data analysis methods.

Bug Fixes

  • [I8G9N5] Fixes the issue where the molecular simulation sample running failure in SPONGE.

  • [I78EJO] Fixed mindsponge.cell.TriangleAttention issue (shape is inconsistent).

  • [I7QZVK] Fixes the issue that the sequence length supported by MEGA-Protein is inconsistent with that in the documentation.