• The full name of SIG is "special interest groups". The intention of establishing various technical sigs is to provide an open communication platform for experts, professors and students in this field, promote technical exchanges and win-win cooperation through meeting sharing, project development and other activities, and improve the influence and technical ability of SIG members.
  • Especially for college students, after joining SIGs, they can participate in the project development activities of MindSpore under the guidance of experts, master the advanced technology in the industry, and prepare for future work; You can also communicate face-to-face with industry experts and professors to solve your doubts in scientific research and meet your own bole.
  • Up to now, MindSpore community has established more than ten sigs, including not only the front-end and back-end technologies of MindSpore framework itself, but also algorithm research such as AI security and scientific computing. We also welcome friends with ideas to create their own sigs!

Excellent MSG Organizers

Excellent MindSpore organizers, who contribute to the open-source ecosystem.

Learning Resource

You can watch the recordings at MindSpore's official account on Bilibili.

Joining a SIG

You can join a SIG in either of the following ways:

1. Add the WeChat account mindspore0328. Then, you will be invited to the SIG WeChat group.

Follow our WeChat official account MindSpore. We will push the SIG online meeting information through the official account. After participating in the online meeting, you can join the WeChat group through the QR code shared by the SIG owner.

Create a SIG

When you and your friends have very good technical ideas and want more people to participate in your exploration, you can apply for creating a SIG. Click the following link to view the application process.
Application Process