Source code for mindspore.train.serialization

# Copyright 2020 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# ============================================================================
"""Model and parameters serialization."""
import os
import stat
import numpy as np

import mindspore.nn as nn
import mindspore.context as context
from mindspore import log as logger
from mindspore.train.checkpoint_pb2 import Checkpoint
from mindspore.common.tensor import Tensor
from mindspore.common.initializer import initializer
from mindspore.common.parameter import Parameter
from mindspore.common.api import _executor
from mindspore.common import dtype as mstype
from mindspore._checkparam import check_input_data

__all__ = ["save_checkpoint", "load_checkpoint", "load_param_into_net", "export"]

tensor_to_ms_type = {"Int8": mstype.int8, "Int16": mstype.int16, "Int32": mstype.int32, "Int64": mstype.int64,
                     "Float16": mstype.float16, "Float32": mstype.float32, "Float64": mstype.float64}

tensor_to_np_type = {"Int8": np.int8, "Int16": np.int16, "Int32": np.int32, "Int64": np.int64,
                     "Float16": np.float16, "Float32": np.float32, "Float64": np.float64}

def _special_process_par(par, new_par):
    Processes the special condition.

    Like (12,2048,1,1)->(12,2048), this case is caused by GE 4 dimensions tensor.
    par_shape_len = len(
    new_par_shape_len = len(
    delta_len = new_par_shape_len - par_shape_len
    delta_i = 0
    for delta_i in range(delta_len):
        if[par_shape_len + delta_i] != 1:
    if delta_i == delta_len - 1:
        new_val =
        new_val = new_val.reshape(
        return True
    return False

def _update_param(param, new_param):
    """Updates param's data from new_param's data."""

    if isinstance(, Tensor) and isinstance(, Tensor):
        if !=
            logger.error("Failed to combine the net and the parameters for param %s.",
            msg = ("Net parameters {} type({}) different from parameter_dict's({})"
            raise RuntimeError(msg)

        if !=
            if not _special_process_par(param, new_param):
                logger.error("Failed to combine the net and the parameters for param %s.",
                msg = ("Net parameters {} shape({}) different from parameter_dict's({})"
                raise RuntimeError(msg)


    if isinstance(, Tensor) and not isinstance(, Tensor):
        if != (1,) and != ():
            logger.error("Failed to combine the net and the parameters for param %s.",
            msg = ("Net parameters {} shape({}) is not (1,), inconsitent with parameter_dict's(scalar)."
            raise RuntimeError(msg)

    elif isinstance(, Tensor) and not isinstance(, Tensor):
        logger.error("Failed to combine the net and the parameters for param %s.",
        msg = ("Net parameters {} type({}) different from parameter_dict's({})"
               .format(, type(, type(
        raise RuntimeError(msg)


[docs]def save_checkpoint(parameter_list, ckpoint_file_name): """ Saves checkpoint info to a specified file. Args: parameter_list (list): Parameters list, each element is a dict like {"name":xx, "type":xx, "shape":xx, "data":xx}. ckpoint_file_name (str): Checkpoint file name. Raises: RuntimeError: Failed to save the Checkpoint file. """"Execute save checkpoint process.") checkpoint_list = Checkpoint() try: for param in parameter_list: param_value = checkpoint_list.value.add() param_value.tag = param["name"] param_tensor = param_value.tensor param_data = param["data"].asnumpy().reshape(-1) param_tensor.tensor_content = param_data.tostring() param_tensor.tensor_type = str(param["data"].dtype()) if param['data'].shape() == (): param_tensor.dims.append(0) else: for dim in param['data'].shape(): param_tensor.dims.append(dim) with open(ckpoint_file_name, "wb") as f: f.write(checkpoint_list.SerializeToString()) os.chmod(ckpoint_file_name, stat.S_IRUSR) except BaseException as e: logger.error("Failed to save the checkpoint file %s.", ckpoint_file_name) raise RuntimeError(e.__str__())"Save checkpoint process finish.")
[docs]def load_checkpoint(ckpoint_file_name, net=None): """ Loads checkpoint info from a specified file. Args: ckpoint_file_name (str): Checkpoint file name. net (Cell): Cell network. Default: None Returns: Dict, key is parameter name, value is a Parameter. Raises: ValueError: Checkpoint file is incorrect. """ if not isinstance(ckpoint_file_name, str): raise ValueError("The ckpoint_file_name must be String.") if not os.path.exists(ckpoint_file_name) or ckpoint_file_name[-5:] != ".ckpt": raise ValueError("Please input the correct checkpoint file name.") if os.path.getsize(ckpoint_file_name) == 0: raise ValueError("The checkpoint file may be empty, please make sure enter the correct file name.")"Execute load checkpoint process.") checkpoint_list = Checkpoint() try: with open(ckpoint_file_name, "rb") as f: pb_content = checkpoint_list.ParseFromString(pb_content) except BaseException as e: logger.error("Failed to read the checkpoint file %s, please check the correct of the file.", ckpoint_file_name) raise ValueError(e.__str__()) parameter_dict = {} try: for element in checkpoint_list.value: data = element.tensor.tensor_content data_type = element.tensor.tensor_type np_type = tensor_to_np_type[data_type] ms_type = tensor_to_ms_type[data_type] param_data = np.fromstring(data, np_type) dims = element.tensor.dims if dims in [[0], [1]]: parameter_dict[element.tag] = Parameter(param_data[0], name=element.tag) else: param_dim = [] for dim in dims: param_dim.append(dim) param_value = param_data.reshape(param_dim) parameter_dict[element.tag] = Parameter(Tensor(param_value, ms_type), name=element.tag)"Load checkpoint process finish.") except BaseException as e: logger.error("Failed to load the checkpoint file %s.", ckpoint_file_name) raise RuntimeError(e.__str__()) if net: load_param_into_net(net, parameter_dict) return parameter_dict
[docs]def load_param_into_net(net, parameter_dict): """ Loads parameters into network. Args: net (Cell): Cell network. parameter_dict (dict): Parameter dict. Raises: TypeError: Argument is not a Cell, or parameter_dict is not a Parameter dict. """ if not isinstance(net, nn.Cell): logger.error("Failed to combine the net and the parameters.") msg = ("Argument net should be a Cell, but got {}.".format(type(net))) raise TypeError(msg) if not isinstance(parameter_dict, dict): logger.error("Failed to combine the net and the parameters.") msg = ("Argument parameter_dict should be a dict, but got {}.".format(type(parameter_dict))) raise TypeError(msg)"Execute parameter into net process.") param_name_net_not_have = [] for name in parameter_dict: b_par_dict_have_par_of_net = False for _, param in net.parameters_and_names(): if name == b_par_dict_have_par_of_net = True # layerwise parallel parameter data loaded from checkpoint file, # was a complete(merged) data, need to be splited if param.layerwise_parallel: new_param = parameter_dict[] _load_tensor_for_layerwise(new_param, param) break if not b_par_dict_have_par_of_net: param_name_net_not_have.append(name) param_name_param_dict_not_have = [] for _, param in net.parameters_and_names(): if in parameter_dict: new_param = parameter_dict[] if not isinstance(new_param, Parameter): logger.error("Failed to combine the net and the parameters.") msg = ("Argument parameter_dict element should be a Parameter, but got {}.".format(type(new_param))) raise TypeError(msg) _update_param(param, new_param) else: param_name_param_dict_not_have.append( logger.debug("Params not matched(in net but not in parameter_dict):") for paramname in param_name_param_dict_not_have: logger.debug("%s", paramname) logger.debug("Params not matched(in parameter_dict but not in net):") for paramname in param_name_net_not_have: logger.debug("%s", paramname)"Load parameter into net process finish.")
def _save_graph(network, file_name): """ Saves the graph of network to a file. Args: network (Cell): Obtain a pipeline through network for saving graph. file_name (str): Graph file name into which the graph will be saved. """"Execute save the graph process.") graph_proto = network.get_func_graph_proto() if graph_proto: with open(file_name, "wb") as f: f.write(graph_proto) os.chmod(file_name, stat.S_IWUSR | stat.S_IRUSR) def _exec_save_checkpoint(train_network, ckpoint_file_name): """ Saves checkpoint for 'ms' backend. Args: train_network (Network): The train network for training. ckpoint_file_name (str): The name of checkpoint file. """ param_dict = {} for _, param in train_network.parameters_and_names(): param_dict[] = param param_list = [] for (key, value) in param_dict.items(): each_param = {"name": key} if isinstance(, Tensor): param_data = else: param_data = Tensor( # in model parallel scenario, some parameters were spliteds to all the devices, # which should be combined before saving if key in train_network.parameter_layout_dict: param_data = _get_merged_param_data(train_network, key, param_data) each_param["data"] = param_data param_list.append(each_param) save_checkpoint(param_list, ckpoint_file_name) def _get_merged_param_data(net, param_name, param_data): """ Gets the merged data(tensor) from tensor slice, by device arrangement and tensor map. Args: net (Cell): MindSpore network. param_name(str): The parameter name, which to be combined. param_data(Tensor):The parameter data on the local device, It was a slice of the whole parameter data. Returns: Tensor, the combined tensor which with the whole data value. """ layout = [] layout = net.parameter_layout_dict[param_name] if len(layout) < 2:"layout dict does not contain the key %s", param_name) return param_data dev_mat = layout[0] tensor_map = layout[1] from mindspore.parallel._cell_wrapper import get_allgather_cell from mindspore.parallel._tensor import _reshape_param_data # while any dim is not equal to -1, means param is splited and needs to be merged for dim in tensor_map: if dim != -1: allgather_net = get_allgather_cell() param_data = allgather_net(param_data) return _reshape_param_data(param_data, dev_mat, tensor_map) return param_data def _load_tensor_for_layerwise(new_param, old_param): """ Replaces parameters with sliced tensors by layerwise parallel strategies. Args: new_param (Parameter): The new layerwise parallel parameter, will be loaded into net. old_param(Parameter): The current parameter in the net. """ if not isinstance(, Tensor) or not isinstance(, Tensor): logger.error("Failed to combine the net and the parameters.") msg = ("layerwise parallel parameter should be a Tensor, but got {}.".format(type( raise TypeError(msg) if == return from mindspore.parallel._tensor import _load_tensor from import get_group_size dev_mat = [get_group_size()] shape = for x in range(len(shape)): # dim 0 set 0, others set -1 if x: tensor_map.append(-1) new_tensor = _load_tensor(, dev_mat, tensor_map) new_param.set_parameter_data(new_tensor) def _fill_param_into_net(net, parameter_list): """ Fills parameter_list into net. Args: net (Cell): train network. parameter_list (list): parameters list from ge callback. """ parameter_dict = {} for each_param in parameter_list: param_name = each_param["name"] np_val = each_param["data"].asnumpy() if np_val.shape == (1,): # to scalar parameter_dict[param_name] = Parameter(np_val[0], name=param_name) elif np_val.shape == (): parameter_dict[param_name] = Parameter(np_val.tolist(), name=param_name) else: parameter_dict[param_name] = Parameter(Tensor(np_val), name=param_name) load_param_into_net(net, parameter_dict)
[docs]def export(net, *inputs, file_name, file_format='GEIR'): """ Exports MindSpore predict model to file in specified format. Args: net (Cell): MindSpore network. inputs (Tensor): network inputs. file_name (str): File name of model to export. file_format (str): MindSpore currently supports 'GEIR', 'ONNX' and 'LITE' format for exported model. - GEIR: Graph Engine Intermidiate Representation. An intermidiate representation format of Ascend model. - ONNX: Open Neural Network eXchange. An open format built to represent machine learning models. - LITE: Huawei model format for mobile. """"exporting model file:%s format:%s.", file_name, file_format) check_input_data(*inputs, data_class=Tensor) supported_formats = ['GEIR', 'ONNX', 'LITE'] if file_format not in supported_formats: raise ValueError(f'Illegal file format {file_format}, it must be one of {supported_formats}') # switch network mode to infer when it is training is_training = if is_training: net.set_train(mode=False) # export model if file_format == 'GEIR': _executor.compile(net, *inputs, phase='export') _executor.export(net, file_name, file_format) elif file_format == 'ONNX': # file_format is 'ONNX' phase_name = 'export_onnx' graph_id, _ = _executor.compile(net, *inputs, phase=phase_name) onnx_stream = _executor._get_func_graph_proto(graph_id) with open(file_name, 'wb') as f: os.chmod(file_name, stat.S_IWUSR | stat.S_IRUSR) f.write(onnx_stream) elif file_format == 'LITE': # file_format is 'LITE' context.set_context(save_ms_model=True, save_ms_model_path=file_name) net(*inputs) # restore network training mode if is_training: net.set_train(mode=True)